Hi, I’m Sandy Bean!

An educator, coach, super connector, and brilliant woman with ADHD.

From the outside, my life seemed picture-perfect. Success, accolades, and accomplishments adorned my journey.

But beneath the surface, I grappled with anxiety, burnout, and a constant feeling of “Is this all there is?”

Navigating personal challenges, from career stagnation to my child’s mental health crisis, I felt the weight of unfulfilled potential.

But instead of succumbing, I chose transformation. Inspired by my daughter and a burning desire for meaningful impact, I reshaped my destiny.

Today, I’m not just an educator. I’m a beacon for thousands worldwide, guiding them through their unique journeys as a community builder, writer, coach, and creator.

My network spans the globe, united by shared experiences and aspirations.

My mission? To help you find connection, purpose, and joy.

To help you balance life’s intricacies, discover genuine passions, and craft a life you’re proud of.

My approach is rooted in love, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human spirit.

Beyond my professional accolades, I’m a lover of music, literature, yoga, and heartfelt conversations.

I cherish moments with my family, culinary adventures, and the thrill of conceptualizing the next big idea.

My belief in the transformative power of the human experience is unwavering, backed by both spiritual growth and intellectual pursuit.


Love is my True North!

Experience, Science & “Woo”

I believe in the alchemy of the human experience because I have done the work, and continue to do so, both spiritually and intellectually.

I employ a diverse toolkit, from tarot readings and prayer to human design and meditation, complemented by therapeutic insights.

My commitment to therapy, continuous learning, and the pursuit of joy is unwavering.

Giftedness is a realm I deeply resonate with. It’s a world of complexity, intensity, and profound creativity.

If you’ve ever felt misunderstood, overwhelmed by your passions, or struggled with organization, know that you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I’ve emerged stronger.

To every gifted and neurodivergent individual, I see you.

I understand your challenges, your dreams, and your potential.

Let me guide you from where you are to where you deserve to be.

Together, we’ll unlock the incredible potential within you.


Simple Ways To Feel Your Best…

Creative Sparks

Paint, write, sing, build – let’s set free that inner artist! Our gifted minds are bursting with ideas, and it’s time to let them shine.

Sacred Rest

It’s not just about sleep, though a good night’s slumber is pure magic. It’s about those moments of pause, where we let our minds wander, our souls breathe, and our spirits recharge. 

Emotional Exploration

Dive deep into the world of feelings. It’s not just about managing emotions, but truly embracing the rollercoaster of highs and lows that our gifted minds often ride.

Love your Body

Dance it out, walk it off, or simply breathe. Our bodies are the vessels of our gifted souls, and they deserve all the love and care we can give.

Soulful Connections

It’s not just about finding your tribe; it’s about building it. Remember those times you felt like the odd one out? Here, you’re surrounded by others who get it.

Mindful Moments

Whether it’s a deep meditation session or just a moment of stillness with your morning coffee, it’s about grounding ourselves in the now. Let’s quiet the noise and listen to our inner voices.

So what’s my story?


I built a career as a highly successful and celebrated educator, working with people from elementary school through graduate level and training other educators in best practices.

I loved teaching teachers how to create cultures of learning, focus on student needs, and make every unique student work, even in groups. My knack for connecting with people made it easy to educe their “thing” and use that thing to move them ahead.

My St Pete Girl Boss group has over 5,000 members, and counting, and I create content for, speak to, and work with tens of thousands of others who want to understand themselves better for greater success and satisfaction.

Successful people feeling burned out or stuck are searching for a better way.

Are you?

I’d love to hear your story, too! I hope you’ll connect with me so I can get to know you.
(Yes, I really mean it!)

What makes me tick…


I'm a Mom of Four

I do this as a mom of four (two with autism, two with ADHD, one with PTSD and complex autoimmune disorders, and all four gifted).

My journey to feel better and support my child through severe mental illness led me to places both spiritual and practical.

Classroom to Real World

I am an ambivert who loves connecting in all contexts. I create and get as excited about your projects as you do!

I have Master’s Degrees in Curriculum & Instruction and Creative Writing, which helps me create materials for you, and teach how to for your own audience.

Community is Everything

As an educator, I have seen the profound impact of relationships on human resilience and growth.

Staying connected and growing within my community is central to my success, and I want this for you, too.

Take the next step…

It is time to stop sabotaging and start believing in yourself.

It is time to stop making excuses and start making moves.

Learn how we can work together

There are several pathways for us to work together.
I hope you’ll check it out.

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Beautiful recognition of my impact…


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