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Hey there, I’m Sandy Bean.

I’m a coach, educator, and brilliant woman with ADHD.


I leverage multiple degrees, two decades of practical expertise educating children through adults, my personal lived experience, and a blend of spiritual tools such as intuition, tarot, and human design, to connect you back to your genius.

Then, I help support you in expanding and connecting to make your dreams come true.

Ready to make it happen? 

I believe that success is achieved through 

Empathy | Resilience | Authenticity | Innovation

Wondering if we might be a good fit?

If you are… 


An intuitive leader

My curriculum, culture and community expertise will help you build your vision.


A business owner or entrepreneur

My business and education experience will help you break those BIG goals into manageable, actionable pieces.


A creative change-maker

My creative thinking and experience building can help you see your gifts and capitalize on them, with support where you need it.


A brilliant but burned out success

My guidance can help you rest, reset, and reconnect to your spark and inner voice, as I’ve done for myself and countless others.


A neurodivergent, creative or gifted thinker

My professional, personal and parenting experience can teach you to understand your processes, outsource your hurdles, and work with compassion and accountability.

I can help because I’ve been there.

How We Can Work Together

When was the last time you received the personal attention you needed?


The most prfound shifts require incredible support. I am passionate about providing exactly that. If you need a partner in reaching your full potentional, let’s talk.


Classes, groups, or speaking topics crafted to meet your unique needs and aspirations! Whether you’re an individual seeking specialized guidance or an organization aiming for a curated learning experience, I bring a blend of expertise, passion, and creativity to the table. Let’s craft sessions that resonate, inspire, and transform, all while being perfectly aligned with your goals and vision. Contact me to co-create a journey that’s truly yours.


Accountability might be cliche these days, or even a bit of a dirty word, but the truth is, we all need support. With decades of experience in education and community-building, I am unparalleled at creating  groups that are uniquely motivating, successful and fun!

Join the Thriving Souls I’ve Had the Honor to Guide.

It all starts with a choice.

When you invest in expanding your skillset personally and professionally you are choosing YOU. You get to decide that you deserve the life and business of your dreams.

"I have worked with many other coaches, none have been able to help me outline my goals from an alignment standpoint and point me in the true direction of my goals!"

My meeting with Sandy Bean Coaching was indescribable! Her ability to know me as an individual, entrepreneur, and human was incredibly spot on!

Truly a joy to work with! You feel like you get a counselor, coach, and friend. Incredibly worth every penny!

"Sandy is a powerhouse of a human with a broad range of knowledge and amazing resources - with a heart to help! At a time I was needing kindness and direction, she delivered with love and generosity."

"[Sandy] loves to teach and does so with love, creating many experiences. I have taken both free and paid classes from her and look forward to every one!"

In her St. Pete Girl Boss network, she consistently shows up as a leader and friend with creative collaboration ideas that provide value and opportunities.

Sandy Bean is an absolute powerhouse. She has a superhuman ability to help you define your own passions and purpose and then uses her vast experience and network to up-level whatever it is you're trying to create.

Whether you need a pep talk or some tough love, Sandy can deliver both with a hug and a smile. Her work is trauma-informed and she specializes in gifted, high-performers, neurodivergent, and those with chronic pain.

Let’s stay in touch…

Tools to grow together

Where can you find your people?


Coaching with Me

I offer a variety of different coaching programs, both 1:1 and group containers to meet your unique needs. Let’s schedule a Discovery Call to see the best way I can support you.


Neurodivergent Nation

This Private Facebook Group is a place for older teens (17+) through adults with ADHD, Autism, Gifted Brains and other neurodiversities to vibe for support, advice, and community.

Small Group Coaching

Tailored for gifted and neurodivergent individuals seeking a supportive community. Dive into sessions that empower, inspire, and connect you with like-minded souls on a transformative journey. Together, we’ll navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and unlock your boundless potential.


St. Pete Girl Boss

Local to St. Pete? Building something phenomenal? Come meet up with 5,000 other diverse and impressive women. We have an active Facebook group and events throughout every single month.

Sandy Bean Coaching

Sandy Bean is a powerhouse neurodivergent extraordinaire: a coach, community leader, celebrated educator and super connector. Based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Need to get in touch? Email hello@sandybean.com


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