Creating Influence & Income 

Are you ready to nurture and inspire your clients for better connections, less stress, and more money? 

Are any of these you?

You teach people things and collect information from your community, 1:1, and it keeps you really booked.

You  have a super niche audience or craft that you love, but you want to expand your audience.

You have a lot to share, but you want to build up local expertise to open doors for you.

Your service or product performs really well in a group or collaborative setting.

You love the idea of a membership community, but you aren’t really sure where to begin or what you’d do with them.



Well, guess what? You have an easy, built-in reason to create a community that you can leverage for expertise and business growth.

I can help.

Stop spinning your wheels or just thinking about it. Start your paid (or free) community the RIGHT WAY to create a meaningful group that people will PAY to be in. You can deliver your content in quality, collaborative ways to create a new stream of income and impact more clients.

You KNOW some groups are creating momentum, social status, and generating income for the leadership.

And you probably dream about getting paid for these kinds of containers; of creating connections and safe spaces for your dream clients to share wisdom, offer support, make plans, and boost your purpose.


Influence & Income: 

Building your Captivating Community the right way

will show you how, step-by-step!

The idea of spending hours trying to beat some algorithm and find people to join your group is daunting, isn’t it?


And even when folks join, what keeps them engaged?

How can you add value so they stay, or even buy from you? 

How do you make money from serving these members?

What if there were a series of steps you could take, taught by someone who has been there, that would guide your group creation so that running your captivating community  felt like a pleasure rather than a chore? 

People would be love your community. You’d work less than all of those 1:1 times and still get paid.

Your audience would be in there, talking, sharing, and appreciating your expertise in a container that YOU created. 

In six sessions, I will teach you to lay the perfect foundation for a deeper understanding of your community desires, and launch (or pivot!) your online space to reflect all that magic or purpose, and I will teach you how to monetize that community.

Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.”

– Brian Solis

Influence & Income Includes…

    • Module 1: What kind of community is right for me? We will really get to know YOU: not only what you do, but your values, your purpose, your mission and your vision, so you have a meaningful foundation that magnetizes your community with a solid purpose.
    • Modules 2-3: The Set Up We will look into different purposes & tools so you can make an informed decision about your community, rather than feel hollow and like you’re missing the mark.
    • The workshop will discuss the psychology behind what we are doing (and what to avoid) so you can make sure your audience feels seen, heard, and valued in ways crucial for group success.
    • Module 4: Just Do It: We create your group, culture & routines mindfully so you can joyfully welcome the right members into a space that is easy to manage and feels special!
    • Module 5: Open the Doors! You’ll start connecting so that your excited and honored members will engage and get momentum building, so you can build your community beyond people you already know.
    • Module 6: Water your Money Tree! We will hone your content & group strategies so you can continue to grow organically and with time efficiency…the secret to your influence and income.
    • We will discuss monetization, including membership creation, options, and structure so that you can get paid for delivering your services to your audience.



    • Modules designed by an award-winner networker and teacher
    • New Content Every Week
    • Two Q and A class
    • A VIP Facebook Group
    • Replay access
    • A Bonus Content Calendar
    • Bonus membership ideas

    Over $3000 value

    Now $497



    Q: Do I need to have an idea for my community to sign up?

    A: Not at all. It’s fine if you have one, or even have an existing community you want to enhance, but if you’re still in the brainstorming phase, we can support you, too. The first module will explore your options.

    Q: Is this only for Facebook communities?

    A: No, this information can apply to other tools, too, but we will use my experience with Facebook as an example.

    Q: Is building my group going to take hours every day?

    A: Nope. You can, if you wish, because you’re probably going to love it, but we will discuss times to post and how to interact in the most efficient ways possible. It does take time up front, but I promise you, it gets easier.

    Q: Do I need to go live all the time to have a successful group?

    A: We are going to talk through the live benefits, and I will help you learn how and why they work, but it is totally up to you and your group culture.

    Q: Have you monetized groups?

    A: Yes, over six figures for my own groups in the first yyar, and I have led clients to monetized groups as well.

    Q: Does my group need to be work-related?

    A: Not at all! Many successful communities are built around a purpose, hobby, project, etc. This can work in any context. Niche interests make great groups.

    Q: How do the classes work?

    A: Live teaching is at 5pm each Monday, with replays available. Your workbook & homework will run throughout the week, and there are two live Q and A sessions, as well as Facebook group discussion access. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources and keep on top of it, but you have the option to go back to the content any time!

    Who will Influence and Income work for?

    My communities have brought me relentless joy, abundance, and opportunity, and I want the same for you!

    • Coaches: Groups create touchpoints for your clients, and build a culture around your unique mission. Create a place for them to cheer one another on and hold each other accountable, and help free your time as you help them succeed!
    • Experts: realtors, financial gurus, marketing folks or content experts who wants to either train newer professionals or create a space to share your knowledge YOUR way in order to add value to and build trust with their audience will benefit from a community, too. Come on in!
    • Wellness Professionals: in all capacities: do you want to lead by example and create a wellness squad? Create momentum, celebrate wins and let clients share journeys, with you at the community the helm.
    • Parents: (especially those who have complex kiddos): share wisdom and guidance for your journey in a community surrounding your kiddos.
    • Fashion and beauty leaders: build a loyal following with the same love that you hold for your industry, so you can trade tips, create excitement, encourage self-care and creativity, and influence others to follow your trends.
    • If you have a need and a mission, this course will give you some great insght into digital community to make magic happen!

      In short, if you have a vision or mission that will unite others, and you want them to connect with you and each other, you can create a community around it!

      Here’s how this works:

      Sign up at the links on this page.

      Once you’re all set, you’ll receive a welcome email.

      Join our VIP Facebook group and introduce yourself.

      Watch for pre-work activities and start thinking about your dream group. You’ll receive an email with all of our meeting dates and access to print materials, too.

      On our start date, log into our Zoom link and we will get started making your community as captivating as you!


      Just think about it…

      Imagine your community growing to hundreds, even thousands, of loyal followers. Even a small membership fee could change your life.

      AND: You could build trust and social credibility FAST, and have a huge warm audience to help with your unique talents and gifts! 

      Imagine if you got started today. A year from now, you, too, could have a community of thousands AND $20k cash launches like St Pete Girl Boss has each quarter. 

      But imagine if you slept on this offer. You’ll be right where you are now, not knowing how to really harness the power of the Facebook (and other digital platform) community. You’ll be wondering, “what if?”

      This session starts in April! 


      Refund Policy:

      If you find you are not getting results, please reach out. You are expected to keep pace and do all of our work together, but if you’re going so and not seeing progress, I would love to talk with you about a pivot or a refund.