Your dream life is closer than you  might think

Hello, beautiful soul.

Do you see your dream life within reach?

I do. I see you fully charged, plenty of time, spaces you adore, abundant finances, days full of love, relationships that nourish you.

I see you with extraordinary resources to create the biggest possible impact on the universe.

Resourced correctly, your power is limitless. You deserve a supportive framework to unleash your power.

Ready to become unstoppable?

Welcome to The Radiant Reset!


The Radiant Reset is a seven week, online, structured accountability program for powerful women to refocus on themselves, so they can make their dreams come true.

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Only 32% of women actually make the time for self-care.

How familiar does this feel right now? 

  • Do you start Mondays with great intentions, but by Wednesday feel behind the 8 ball… again?
  • Do you desire healing and growth, but can’t find the time?
  • Are you often scattered and ungrounded?
  • Do retreats, vacations or workshops inspire you, but you struggle to integrate the learnings in your daily life?
  • Have you been called ditzy, spacey, spastic, a procrastinator throughout your life?
  • How many times a day do you say you “should” be doing something? 

I have been there too, friends. I spent years thinking I was irresponsible, a mess, and that I had to over-function to be loved. Sure, I had success in a way. But I was burned out, and there was sadness under it all. 

You know what finally stopped me in my tracks? I almost lost my
daughter to depression. I realized that if I didn’t have some
compassion for myself, find resources, and create supportive systems, I was going to lose both of us.

I used the tools in this program to reset my life and build a whole new one that works for me. Now, I rely on them to keep leveling up. 

I know they work which is why I’m so passionate about helping you incorporate them into your life.

You are not lazy or scattered, you just need support.

Take a moment to imagine…

What if you woke up and felt peace and ease? Could gently move towards the most nurturing practice for you on that particular day? 

What if you had… Some space in your day. A calmer mind. An oasis within your home. Perspective above the chaos. The energy to have some fun. A community cheering you on. 

What if you knew you had supportive people and practices to help you reach your full, radiant potential? 

Sounds really good, eh?

It’s mid-way through 2023. Do you need help in feeling like that? 

We as women often have this conditioning that we are supposed to DO IT ALL by ourselves.

We BOTH know better.

This is how it starts: you choose you and you allow yourself a little help

The Radiant Reset awaits you, dear soul. This four-week online journey can help you shine more brilliantly. 

The Radiant Reset includes the tools, teachers, and setup you need to establish (or re-establish) supportive habits for peace and success.


As a business owner, the founder and CEO of a 5,000 member women’s entrepreneurship group, an award-winning networker, a mom of four kids, and a woman committed to my own growth… I GET IT! I get the desire to be ALL THE THINGS, and the despair when I feel I’m failing at everything.

Ready to burn it all down? Put the matches away, sister.

I’ve been there. I got you.

Let’s go on a journey together to claim the life you desire.

This program is for brilliant women who want new tools in their toolbox and support in being the best versions of themselves.

Your Reset Toolbox Includes:

You will experience…

Goals set, goals met
  • Guided, Custom Goal Setting
  • Radiant Reset Digital Workbook with the tools you need to expand.
  • Weekly Accountability Strategies & Checkins
Support the whole way
  • Power Hour: Weekday mornings, (1) brief meditation, (2) high-impact tool lesson, AND (3) some coworking time on the call with us.
  • Guest Experts: Listen to targeted interviews we’ve curated for you.
  • “Hot Seat” Weekly Coaching Calls: Your questions, answered!
  • Private Facebook Group: Community is key to success!

(All calls always recorded & sent out ASAP.)

You’ll also feel…

  • Radiant Gift Box: We’ve crafted four beautiful packages of gifts and surprises to support and ritualize each week’s theme. -Limited to the first 30 signups!
  • Exclusive Discounts on upcoming 2023 offerings.
  • In-Person Radiant Reset Celebration: Come party on Sunday August 20th in St. Petersburg, Florida with he other brilliant women in the program! We’ll have:
        • Nourishing and delicious goodies & drinks
        • Headshots & event photos by the incomparable Kristin Anderson to commemorate our growth. She’s a genius at capturing radiance on camera!
        • Optional mini tarot readings
        • Connection and joy

Over $8,000 Value!

How the Radiant Reset works:

Each week for four weeks, we will focus on a different, crucial aspect of your well-being. We will provide you with our favorite tools and support you in creating the change you want to see.


Weekdays, join us for a daily meditation and quick lesson on a high-impact tool. Plus, we’ll give you time to work on that tool right on the call with us! Your camera and mic will be off automatically.

  • Mon – Fri: Power Hour (6-7am ET)
  • Fridays: Live “Hot Seat” Coaching Call (12pm ET)

All calls are recorded and sent out ASAP, so if our live time doesn’t work for you, you can listen on your schedule as needed!


Weekends will be full of fun, rest & surprises! We’ll also check in with you on how the week went and share what’s coming next. 

  • Saturday: Recess! 
  • Sunday: Rest & Reflect


Four Core Themes Starting Sept 11th:

Align yourself inside and out

  • Journaling & Gratitude
  • Breath & Movement
  • Food & Nourishment

Guest Expert: Elise Free

Connect to yourself so you can receive from others

  • Visualization
  • Embodiment
  • Reframing & Forgiveness

Guest Expert: Nikki Fielding

Create an abundant, purpose-driven life

  • Money Mindset & Stories
  • Purpose-Driven Life
  • Work-Life Balance

Guest Expert: Shakti Rios

Establish peaceful, nurturing spaces

  • Declutter & Energy Clearing
  • Time Audit
  • Buying Back Time

Meet Your Radiance Activation Team:

Your Coaches: Sandy & Jess

I’m Sandy Bean and you’ll be seeing a whole lot of me over the next few weeks. I’m a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and super-connector. I’ve been an educator for nearly 20 years and I’ve been called a genius at coaxing the brilliance inside of others, out into the real world. After I moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida to help my kids live a healthier, happier life, I founded St. Pete Girl Bosses which has grown from just me to five thousand members! I’ve navigated the last four years growing a community with, for, and by women leaders and entrepreneurs who do the work.

Hi I’m Jessica Barnett! Since my first successful global collaboration with a community-based app in 2009, I’ve passionately supported people achieving their dreams in work and life. I’ve led high-performing teams in creating successful products and technology for millions of people. My work has spanned launching tiny startups, running my own businesses, leading product development across multiple teams inside huge corporations, as well as local and global community organizations. After 15 years of high-stakes, high-stress, high-scaling working environments, I hit rock-bottom burnout. This led me to research and apply hundreds of tools to reset my own life.

Now, we’re bringing our combined experience together to develop completely new ways of looking at wellness. We’ll share everything we’ve learned in the way we wish it had been provided to us: gently, with care and fun! We literally cannot wait for you to come along!

Your Four Guest Experts:

Elise Free

Elise Free

Soul & Body Expert Guest

Elise Free creates bespoke experiences incorporating modern biohacking technology with ancient energy modalities. Her retreats take place in architecture masterpiece homes around the nation. She also creates these experiences in locations around the world allowing your travel tour to become more than just a vacation. Raising consciousness and life quality of seekers and entrepreneurs. Elise is a Certified Facilitator for the Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter, A Miracle Minded Coach taught by Marianne Williamson and a Certified Deliberate Cold Exposure Guide, The Morozko Method.

Nikki Fielding

Nikki Fielding

Love & Relationships Expert Guest

I help business leaders activate and expand to achieve their vision
Shakti Rios

Shakti Rios

Service & Success Expert Guest

Shakti Rios Rev, B.A.,MT, RYT, Certified EFT Practitioner & Certified Human Design Specialist is a metaphysical teacher of over 14 years. In her current practice she supports her students with emotional regulation tools & Human Design in order to navigate big crossroad moments in their life so that they can align with their dharma and establish a steady and fulfilling life & business that nourishes their souls

The Radiant Reset is one of the ONLY programs like this for adults created with your brain in mind.

Neurodivergent women are my specialty.

This program has neurodivergent-friendly and trauma-informed suggestions and modifications infused throughout. If these have been barriers to your previous success, it’s time to give you appropriate support. Not all materials are designed to work with a brain like yours. Ours can!

I have taught and coached “neuro-sparkly” people for over 20 years, from small children through middle-aged adults. I am gifted and have ADHD myself. I have two autistic daughters.

ADHD, Autism and Giftedness all require understanding to reach full potential. From all that experience, I can tell you without a doubt: 

Self care for neurodivergent women must start with a foundation like this.

I have also done a deep exploration and healing of my own generational trauma patterns. I studied the science of my brain, I studied the ‘woo’ and the spiritual, and joy and fulfillment followed and keep expanding.

We need extra support to create routines that support us. And when we get that support: it’s freaking magic.

PS. This program will work wonders for you whether these terms suit you or not. The entire point is providing structure and flexibility.  

Women like you are loving this reset button!

It was so much fun opening Sandy’s emails every day as you did not know what to expect and it brought me on a journey of discovery. The content was amazing! Sandy blew my mind. She brought so much value through her videos, emails and corresponding files, I became a fan for life! I definitely consider her an amazing coach and her delivery is so enjoyable! You get so energized when she is around, it is addicting. 🙂 Everyone needs Sandy Bean in their life.

Lily Kamila

Entrepreneur, ThinkQ Inc

We worked with Sandy through her Launch Coaching services to get our business concept ironed out and up and running. Sandy’s is a powerhouse when it comes to idea generation and was critical in us uncovering new directions to take our ideas. I was also grateful and impressed by how tech-savvy she is when it comes to all things related to social media and website features, as she was able to give us practical tips on setting up our back end platforms. It’s also worth noting that Sandy has a ton of connections in the area and always knows someone you should know and helps to facilitate that connection. So many benefits to working with Sandy!

Annie Kushner

Co-Founder, EverMom Collective

Still have questions?

We’d love to chat and make sure this program is a perfect fit for you!

Scheduling a discovery call with us is 100% the best way to get in touch. You can also drop us an email at and we’ll get back with you right away to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We’re here for you, friend.

We hope to see you soon!

Sandy Bean Coaching

Sandy Bean is a Coach, Leader, Educator and Connecter with ADHD. Neuro-divergent extraordinaire.
Based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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