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Dancing with your Neurodiverity: How to Flourish with ADHD and other Neurodivergent Gifts

A class for gifted, creative thinking, or neurodivergent folks with big goals

Got a creative brain? May or not be neurodivergent? Gifted thinker? Any way to look at it, a creative mind functions on another level. Don’t run from it or stuff it into a box: dance with it!

This is the mindset that helped me finally feel like I was ALL GOOD, no matter what.

You know that you’re smart and have plans for yourself, but you go through these cycles of hustle and burnout.

Or, maybe you forget little (or big!) things, worry about rejection or overwhelmed by your environment or to-do list, and just get completely derailed.

I get it. Navigating life with a neurodivergent brain can really pose challenges with motivation, time management, organization, and mental health. Just when you think you’re on top of it, you let your routines lapse and… there you are again, exhausted and mad at yourself.

If you can relate, just know that you’re not alone.

As a coach, veteran gifted and neurodiverse-friendly educator, and mom with ADHD (and autistic and AuDHD kids!), I’ve heard this same exact story from SO MANY people just like you.

I have changed lives for students for years, but I was super hard on myself when I would lose something, or overthink…or even about my disordered eating.

I was identified as neurodivergent when l I was 42 years old.

Everything clicked into place, because I finally understood the parts of me that needed compassion, and my success comes much more easily now.

Understanding your neurodiversity can help you work with yourself with compassion, making this whole thing called life a LOT easier. You will stop the crazy cycle of expecting yourself to be superhuman, and start working within the parameters that work for you.

That’s why I’m hosting a FREE MasterClass to talk with you about your ADHD (or other neurosparkles), plus simple ways you can address the most pressing impacts, so you can turn your story into one of intuition and success.

One where you are flourishing.

It’s very much a dance, and I will show you.

And as a former middle school school teacher, I’m really good at breaking everything down and making it super easy to understand (and I speak fluent sarcasm).

In the class, I’ll teach you:

– All about ADHD (we will touch on other neurodiversities as well as trauma, too)

– How this neurotype might be impacting 4 major areas of your life: body + soul, success + service, love + relationships and time + spaces.

– Practical strategies and coping techniques for individuals with ADHD, trauma history, and neurodivergent characteristics (including tips for self-care, stress management, and building resilience).

– How folks like you are getting the support they need to stop running on a hamster wheel and start dancing with their neurodiversity!

If you’re ready to understand and love yourself into success, I’d love for you to join me!

Click the link above or below and I’ll see you soon.

I’m Sandy.

I am a coach and celebrated educator, with an undegrad in education, master’s degrees in curriculum and instruction + creative writing, a gifted endorsement, and loads of experience as a speaker and trainer. I’ve been featured in dozens of podcasts and publications and have nearly 50k followers on Facebook from all over the world.

I was also an anxious, swimming-furiously-beneath-the-surface person trying to figure out why I felt like I could do so much, but WHAT SHOULD I DO…

Now I work with hundreds of women who share the same journey. I do this as a mom of four (two with autism, two with ADHD, one with PTSD and complex autoimmune disorders, and all four gifted).

The difference? Like so many of us, I said, “wait, this can’t be all…”

So I acted on it.

My St Pete Girl Boss group has over 5,000 members, and counting, and I create content for, speak to, and work with tens of thousands of others who want to understand themselves better for greater success and satisfaction.

They want more too. Do you?

I believe in the alchemy of the human experience, because I have done the work, and continue to do so (as much as my ADHD will allow, some days). Spiritually and intellectually.

I built a career as a highly successful and celebrated educator, working with people from elementary school through graduate level.

I loved teaching teachers to create cultures of learning and bringing the focus back to what every student actually needed and how to make that work in a group. I have a knack for connecting with people (kids included!) that made it easy to educe their “thing” and use that thing to move them ahead.

Gifted and neurodivergent learners are my passion because I am one.

I love Paula Prober’s Rainforest Mind concept– “The client with a rainforest mind is the most complex: multilayered, intense, overwhelming, colorful, highly sensitive, full of complicated creativity, and misunderstood.” These were my favoritte students, and I found, the ones who did not always understand their place. This was me. Maybe it’s you.

Now, I serve clients who find themselves in these same cycles: stuck, dissatistfied, mourning their multi-passionate nature, a little confused how to organize it all, or just in need of someone who ‘gets’ them.

Every ADHD-impacted, Rainforest Minded, Trauma-tinted, Creatively stifled, Shamed-spiraled inch.

"I had a coaching session with her and it was nothing short of amazing! Different from any other because she helped me learn more about myself, the best way for me to make decisions, and just move through life. This made it easier for me to be more productive and successful because it helped me to work with myself instead of against myself( which I often do, leading to burnout). Outside of that I also left feeling so empowered and reminded of the BAD ASS, powerful, woman that I am. Believe it or not, I'm pretty confident but anxiety and overthinking can throw me off. Any who if you need some guidance or you've been on the fence about working with someone, I highly recommend Sandy....She's a 10/10."

Dr. Sherill Williams, Physical Therapist Dr. Twerk

"I just finished Sandy’s 21 day meditation class and it was incredible. Truly life changing! If you’re thinking about working with Sandy, just do it! She’s brilliant and will truly uplift your life!"

Debbie Billington Rioux, Financial Advisor, Diamond Financial

"A master of differentiation, Sandy is perhaps the best teacher I have ever worked with when it comes to personalizing learning for students and creating both scaffolding and enrichment that respond in real time to formative assessment in order to meet students where they are. Her creativity and willingness to take risks lead her students to truly engaging learning experiences. Even more so than her engaging teaching style and masterful curricular design, perhaps what sets Sandy apart the most is her relationships with students. Over the years, I have seen Sandy gain immediate rapport with students of all kinds. She builds relationships with students easily while maintaining high expectations of all learners. She is compassionate, kind, and open-minded, which her students see; she is known among our colleagues for creating a safe space for kids to feel accepted and supported.

Shannon Saunders, Master Teacher, Mayfield City Schools

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Sandy Bean is a powerhouse neurodivergent extraordinaire: a coach, community leader, celebrated educator and super connector. Based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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